A quick update

Everyday life, Life as we know it

Sorry it’s been a bit quiet here this week…things have been a little crazy as we are running around trying to get all that last minute stuff done before we leave.

This week has been pretty successful:

  • We have finally (with a lot of help and list making) packed our suitcases and carry-on luggage.
  • We have bought everything we should need in Korea. Except for plug adapters, we can’t seem to find those anywhere.
  • We have packed and moved all our stuff into storage.
  • We received our work visas for Korea
  • Peter sold his car.
  • We have sorted out our finances and exchanged our money.
  • and, most importantly, WE BOOKED OUR HOLIDAY IN THAILAND!

We are beyond excited for Thailand. We are leaving on Friday the 13th (I know I know) at 10.20pm. We are flying on Emirates to Dubai, we land at 8.45am have a 4 and a half hour layover. We then fly from Dubai to Phuket where we land at 9.55pm. Blake is leaving for Germany just before us on the 13th so we will spend some time together with the family at the airport.

All our hotels for Thailand are booked. We are spending the first 4 nights in Phuket, taking a ferry to Phi Phi Islands and spending 3 nights there, then on to Krabi for 1 night and back to Phuket for the last night.

We are busy finalising our flights to Korea at the moment, but we should leave on the 23rd for Busan. We have bought our bedding, towels, crockery and a few other essentials online and they will be waiting for us at our apartment in Korea. We then start orientation and training on the 25th of February.

My next post will probably be from Dubai!


Birthday fun

Everyday life, Life as we know it

I had the most wonderful birthday on Wednesday! It was bizarre not having to work at all, but obviously great!

After getting ready for bed I came out of the bathroom at midnight to Peter playing ‘happy birthday’ on his guitar for me; cuuuute.

The next morning I woke up to Blake climbing all over the bed and demanding I open his presents for me. I got bubbles (always awesome), Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and a beautiful rose gold eye shadow palette from him.



I opened the cutest little gift bag from Peter…



to find the most BEAUTIFUL watch!


Rose gold, pearl face and a nude leather strap.


I absolutely love it and can’t stop looking at it.

I then chatted to my dad and mom on the phone. It was lovely to be with my dad’s side of the family, but also weird not having my mom around for my birthday this year.

After a breakfast of nutella on bananas and a latte I was whisked off to Ritual Beauty for a facial and massage.



I arrived home feeling totally pampered and relaxed.

After an afternoon nap on Blake’s bed I had a long swim.


My dad arrived home just as I was getting ready for the evening with a present from my mom.

Inside a thousand packages (thanks mom) was a exquisite, dainty sterling silver necklace.


It had a little rose gold (which seems to be the theme this year!) butterfly attached to a heart. I love it and it will remind me of my mom while I’m away (not that I would forget you otherwise mom :p)

We went to Monte Casino for a delicious buffet dinner at Billy G’s.









I had such a special day and really appreciated all of the wishes and love from everyone.

As cliche as it sounds, birthdays are always a time to reflect. So much has changed in the last year and I feel like I have accomplished and learnt a lot. This year is going to be so different from anything I have ever known. I am so excited to grow as a person, to make a difference and to open myself up to new experiences.

Christmas 2014 in Cape Town

Family time, Life as we know it

Because we were going up to Limpopo for Christmas Peter and I had an early Christmas with my mom in Cape Town. We arrived on Sunday afternoon with the car totally (and unbelievably packed) because we were going to stay the night and drive to Limpopo in the morning.

Christmas Eve is always the main event in my family and there is always devilled eggs, stuffed chicken and lots of dessert. This year was no exception.










It was a wonderful evening. We ate a ton, laughed, opened our Christmas presents, ate even more (who can resist Nutella pavlova), listened to Christmas carols and went to bed with smiles on our faces and hearts a little sad that we had to leave in the morning.

Our first home

Life as we know it, Our home

After a 5 hour wait at Lanseria airport due to a crazy storm I have finally arrived in sunny Cape Town!

I am here for a few days to pack some of our winter clothes (Korea is freeeezing), do a thousand odd jobs and move all of our stuff into storage. When we left for Joburg just before Christmas we had no idea what we would be doing this year, so we packed up all of our stuff and assumed we would be seeing it soon.

As excited as I am about our adventure this year I am really going to miss our little place. We bought our home in November 2013 and I can’t believe we have to say goodbye already. It really was so incredibly perfect for us.

I’ve uploaded a few photos to look back on one day…